You've taken a pregnancy test, which has come back positive. You may now be thinking about when your child will arrive. Due date calculators can help with this.

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

The day your baby will come is estimated using a pregnancy calculator. Add the date of your last menstrual cycle or the date of conception into this calculator. The remaining will be taken care of by the pregnancy calculator.

How Does The Pregnancy Due Date Calculator Work?

To the first day of your previous menstrual period, add 280 days (40 weeks) 

The first two weeks of pregnancy are defined as your menstrual cycle and ovulation. Using a pregnancy ovulation calculator to determine the exact ovulation cycle is useful.

If you deliver on time, your kid will be 38 weeks old, not 40 weeks old.

Is The Due Date Calculator Accurate?

Only approximately 4% of babies are born on their due date, so this is simply an estimate. This device can only give you a rough estimate of when the baby will arrive.

How Is My Due Date Calculated?

There are a few options. If you know the day you conceived, you can calculate your due date by counting 38 weeks from that day.

Only a small minority of pregnant women are certain of their actual conception date. Even if you just had intimacy once throughout your fertile period, you wouldn't conceive on that day unless you were ovulating. Sperm can live for up to five days within your fallopian tubes. So, up to five days after having sex, you release an egg (ovulate) fertilized by awaiting sperm. That's when you find out you're expecting.

So, how can one estimate a due date without knowing the day of conception?

First Day Of Your Last Period

Counting 40 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual cycle is the most frequent method for determining your pregnancy due date (LMP). That's how the majority of healthcare experts go about it.

If your menstrual cycle is the normal length (28 days), it began around two weeks before you conceived. It reveals why pregnancies are reported to last 40 weeks rather than 38 weeks.

This process ignores the duration of your menstrual cycle or when you believe you may have conceived. Women are more likely to remember the start of their last period than their ovulation period.

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Conception Date

You can estimate your pregnancy due date if you know precisely when you conceived — for example, if you used an ovulation predictor kit or kept records of your ovulation symptoms. Select a pregnancy calculation technique from the drop-down menu above and enter your due date.

IVF Transfer Date

You can use your IVF transfer date to estimate your due date if you conceive through IVF. Count 261 days from your embryo transfer date if you have a day five embryo transfer. Count 263 days if you have a Day 3 embryo transfer.

Can Due Date Change

If your baby is examined after a first ultrasound scan and found to be significantly bigger or smaller than expected for gestational age, your due date may be adjusted. It is more likely to occur if the menstrual cycle is uneven, making it difficult to determine the day of conception.

During the ultrasound test, your healthcare practitioner will measure your baby to determine the further along the baby is and then give you a new closing date.

What If I Already Know My Due Date?

You can use pregnancy calculator to check your pregnancy calendar unless you know your due date. It will show you when you'll reach certain stages, such as when your baby's heart begins to beat and when prenatal tests and treatment are needed. You'll also learn about your baby's star sign and birthstone and great people who were born on your due date.

What Are Chances Of Giving Birth On Due Date?

Of course, a due date calculation, whether from a tool or a doctor or nurse, is always an estimate. Only a few mothers give birth on time. You're just as likely to go into labor any day two weeks before the due date as you are in the two weeks following the due date.


Thus, by knowing your last menstrual cycle, this automated due date calculator will help you estimate the date your baby will arrive.

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