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Al Khidmat Hospital

Al Khidmat Hospital

Sikandar Pura, Nishtarabad, Peshawar

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Top Specialities in Al Khidmat Hospital

About Al Khidmat Hospital

Al Khidmat Hospital located at Al Khidmat Hospital, Sikandar Pura, Nishtarabad, Peshawar. Its mission is to provide excellent health facilities to patients.



Al Khidmat Hospital offers 24/7 hours of emergency services.


Consultation Fee

The average consultation fee at Al Khidmat Hospita is 1000 RS.


Al Khidmat Hospital services

The best services available at Al Khidmat Hospital are given below:

·        Urologist service

·        Gastroenterologist service

·        General surgery service

·        Orthopedic surgery

·        Psychiatrist service

·        Pulmonologist service

·        Cardiologist service

·        Dermatologist service

·        Pediatrician service

·        Neurologist service

·        Sexologist service

·        Cosmetologist service



Al Khidmat Hospital has experienced medical specialties. They provide excellent health services for all patients but if you want a hassle-free and quick appointment from Al Khidmat Hospital, doctors consult through


Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to book an appointment with a doctor or you can also call 091-2215945 from 9 AM to 11 PM to book your appointment.

The fee for doctors ranges from 2000 to 3500. You will pay at the reception when you visit the doctor.

Al Khidmat Hospital is 24/7 operational

Following are the available services at Al Khidmat Hospital: